Custom Celtic Claddagh engagement ring



Look closely at the prongs. They are heart shaped instead of round. The setting was done in six prongs and is available in four prongs as well.

The diamond is a .25ct (1/4 carat) fancy canary yellow VS1 cultured lab grown diamond. It is exactly like a mined diamond, just lab grown. Once they are 1/2 carat they have to be laser engraved with a serial number. You can subject this diamond to any test that a jeweler or lab can come up with, and it will test as a diamond. It is a diamond! A diamond with a lifetime guarantee against chipping or breaking.


Highly polished. Note the setting reflecting back into the ring.


Walk into a jewelry store and ask to price a VS1 fancy canary yellow diamond...


We can supply the ring without a stone and your jeweler can set your stone. Or we can supply it with a diamond, or...

We simply took a wedding band and added the prongs. It can be done to any wedding band. Link to the bands shown in the pictures Celtic Claddagh wedding bands or you might like to use the Claddagh Love Loyalty Friendship wedding bands. For an estimated price, select a band to convert, select the proper size setting below, add $50 for labor and your jeweler can set your stone!

This is not a ready made ring to purchase. This is to give you an idea of what can be done with a simple band.






Celtic Claddagh engagement ring
shown with six prong setting for 1/4ct round stone
1ct Celtic Claddagh engagement setting
shown with four prongs 1 carat setting
Celtic Claddagh engagement ring with yellow diamond and six heart shaped prongs


Below are approximated price guidelines for just components

Prong setting prices 14kt or .585 Euro standard four prongs, yellow or white

1/4ct ~ $30.00
1/3ct ~ $35.00
1/2ct ~ $40.00
3/4ct ~ $45.00
1.0ct ~ $50.00
1.5ct ~ $60.00
2.0ct ~ $75.00
1/3ct ~ $175.00
3/4ct ~ $250.00
2.0ct ~ $295.00



Prong setting prices 14kt six prongs, yellow or white

1/4ct ~ $35.00
1/3ct ~ $40.00
1/2ct ~ $45.00
3/4ct ~ $50.00
1.0ct ~ $60.00
1.5ct ~ $70.00
2.0ct ~ $85.00
3.0ct ~ $115.00
1/3ct ~ $215.00
3/4ct ~ $275.00
2.0ct ~ $325.00


Cultured lab grown diamonds VS pink, blue, yellow with lifetime guarantee. Estimates based on availability

1/4ct ~ $600
1/3ct ~ $900
1/2ct ~ $1,500
3/4ct ~ $3,000
1.0ct ~ $3,750

Mined diamonds color enhanced SI quality blue or yellow (not naturally colored)

1/4ct ~ $450
1/3ct ~ $650
1/2ct ~ $1,400
3/4ct ~ $2,500
1.0ct ~ $4,900




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