For some reason you have tried to reach a page or link that is not currently available. Please try from one of the four starting points below. Seawear® is divided into four categories for your convenience. Nautical Jewelry, Sealife Jewelry, Irish Celtic Jewelry and Fine Jewelry.

Nautical Jewelry Marine Sea Life Irish Celtic Claddagh Fine Gold & Gems

Nautical jewelry which has anything to do with water, sports, fresh or salt, lake or stream.

Marine life would be the creatures on or under the waters of the oceans, lakes and streams.

The Celtic collection is a natural integration as so many of the nautical knots, mermaids, sea lore and legends can be traced back to the ancient Celts. A progression followed from there to the Claddagh jewelry, rings, wedding bands and bracelets.

The fine jewelry makes up the rings, charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings, chain and cufflinks that do not fit in the nautical, sea life or Celtic sections.

We represent jewelry maker artists from the United States, Italy, Ireland and Scotland. If you do not find what you are looking for or get lost, send us an email and we will send help! From this page you will be directed to the main index page of the category of your choice.

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