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18kt Pelicans Foot Conch Shell pendant/brooch

Spectacular 18kt yellow gold sea shell jewelry of a pelican's foot conch shell. In the center of the conch opening is a 14mm extremely Fine quality Paspaley pearl, (Fine is one grade below Gem which is the best) and forty-one VS/GH diamonds totaling at least 1/2ct. These diamonds are all full cut and counter flush sunk and not merely pointed in. This one weighs 30.8gms and requires a very strong secure chain. Almost a full ounce of 18kt! (which would be 31.104gms)

It is a large piece at 2 5/16" tall and 1 1/2" wide, or 59x38mm.

The bail opening is 1/2" or 13mm and the depth/thickness of chain it would accept is up to 5mm. The finish is two textures of soft sandblast. The outer conch shell has details and a bright sandblast while the inner of the shell where the diamonds are is a very soft matte sandblast.

Normal retail with gold at $1,200 USD ounce is $5,995.00

If you are a store, Stuller 65025 with full Paspailey pearl and VS diamonds and price it out... we had the bail added.

We are selling for $2,495.00 USD

#SHELL025 -

underside of pelicans foot conch shell

From the underside you can see the brooch/pin mount, all done in solid 18kt gold.


bail opening and brooch pin mount

Bail opening is 1/2" or 13mm and the pin opening is 3/4" or 16mm


Fine quality 14mm pearl

Extremely FINE quality 14mm Paspaley South Seas pearl. One of the finest money can buy.


shown on 6mm omega chain

Shown on 6mm flat omega chain. NOT included.


18kt gold diamond pearl conch shell

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